Latest news

8/06 — Early release of Saturn’s observations

Since summer 2016, observations of northern Saturn’s aurorae are obtained on a regular basis in coordination with Cassini polar passes within the auroral regions. The observations matching Cassini pre F-ring orbits are released today before the end of the HST proprietary period as an acknowledgement to the support of the Cassini project to this observational campaign :
- Saturn, Jun.-Aug. 2016 (STIS, 6 images)

21/03 — Spring is coming

New observational campaign :
- Europa, Feb. 2014-Apr. 2015 (STIS, 59 spectra)

Update of plots of Saturn’s polar projections :
- For the 2016 and 2017 observations associated with the Cassini ’Grand Finale’, polar projections will draw the footprint of the Cassini trajectory (red = HST exposure, gray = +/-2h wrt HST exposure).

3/03 — Interoperability with CDPP

APIS is interoperable with and queried on-the-fly by several tools developed at CDPP (French Data Center for Plasma Physics) : AMDA since 2013, the Propagation Tool and 3D view since 2016.

3/02 — Update

Ephemeris provided through the header of processed data have been updated.