Tutorials :

- A brief usecase of APIS is included in the following movie, developed for the EPSC meeting of London hold in Sept. 2013.
- A more exhaustive tutorial (in french, course on VO-tools for PhD students, 2015) is available here.

Plotting tools :

The search interface proposes to interactively visualize/work with images and spectra through the Aladin and Specview softwares respectively.
- Aladin (developed at CDS, Strasbourg) : the latest version can be downloaded here.
- Cassis (developed at IRAP, Toulouse) : the latest version can be downloaded here.
- Specview (developed by STSci) : the latest version can be downloaded here.

Science websites :

General :
- Paris Astronomical Data Centre : PADC
- Space Telescope Science Institute : STSci
- ESA Hubble archive : ESAC
- Astronomomical ephemeris : IMCCE / VO services
- Cassini, Galileo and Voyager ephemeris : Uiowa

Data processing/browsing tools :
- Virtual European Solar and Planetary Access at VO-Paris Data Centre : VESPA
- Automated Multi-Dataset Analysis tool at CDPP : AMDA
- 3D view tool at CDPP : 3D view
- Propagation tool at CDPP : PropTool
- Heliophysics Integrated Observatory : HELIO
- A segmentation tool for analyzing images : Voise

Saturn :
- Radio database of kronian emissions, as monitored by Cassini/RPWS :
Kronos server
- Interactive page on Saturn’s periodicities : Wiki
- Cassini Magnetosphere and Plasma Science activities : MAPS view / MAPS-KP

Jupiter :
- Radio database of jovian emissions, as monitored by the Nançay decameter array : Routine observations
- Jovian aurorae : Magnetic mapping tool

Institutional websites :

- Laboratoire d’Etudes et d’Instrumentation Spatiale en Astrophysique (LESIA) :
- Observatoire de Paris :
- Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) :