Latest news

8/12 — Addition of two HST campaigns

Release of the data corresponding to two HST campaigns executed in 2020 and 2021 :
- Uranus, Oct.-Dec. 2020 (STIS, 12 long exposure images using the 25MAMA and SrF2 filters).
- Ganymede, Jun. 2021 (STIS, 8 long exposure spectra using the 25x2 arcsec long slit with the G140L grating)

20/09 — Association of Pythéas/LAM

The Pythéas institute and the Astrophysics laboratory of Marseille have been officially associated to the APIS CNRS/INSU observation service in June 2023. This will enable the CeSAM (Centre de donnéeS Astrophysiques de Marseille) to contribute to the storage and delivery of APIS data products.

11/03 — Update of the section ’resources’

Addition of a novel composite image of planetary magnetospheres of the solar system.

19/01 — New HST campaigns : Saturn, Io and Jupiter

Release of 4 HST campaigns :
- Saturn, Aug.-Sep. 2017 (STIS, 4 images using the 25MAMA/SrF2 filters and 2 long-slit [52x0.1’’] spectra using the G140M grating), executed during the Cassini proximal orbits ;
- Saturn, Oct.-Nov. 2020 (STIS, 13 long-exposures images using the SrF2/QTZ filters), executed during the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction ;
- Io, Dec. 2013-Jan. 2014 (STIS, 20 long-slit [52x2’’] spectra using the G140L grating) ;
- Jupiter, Aug.-Sep. 2021 (STIS, 4 long-exposures images, each sequenced into 25x100 sec-long subexposures), executed between the Juno perijoves 28 and 29.