APIS/Cassini/UVIS data collection

APIS/Cassini/UVIS data collection

The APIS service queries an internal internal base of Cassini/UVIS FUV auroral observations of Saturn, made of 8000 individual slewing of both the northern and southern auroral regions obtained between 2004 and 2017.

Reference :

  • Title : APIS/Cassini/UVIS data collection (2021)
  • Abstract : The APIS/Cassini/UVIS data collection has been built from original Cassini/UVIS spectro-imaging auroral observations of Saturn in the Extreme- and Far-Ultraviolet range (80-180 nm) throughout the full Cassini orbital tour of Saturn between 2004 and 2017. The original data have been splitted into individual sweeps of Saturn’s auroral regions and enriched with specific data processing and metadata. Details on the creation of this data collection can be found in (Magalhaes et al., AGU fall meeting, 2019).
  • DOI : https://doi.org/10.25935/WZ47-TM17
  • Publisher : PADC, Observatoire de Paris
  • License : CC-BY 4.0
  • Citation : Lamy, L., Magalhaes, F., & Henry, F. (2021). APIS/Cassini/UVIS data collection (Version 1.0). PADC. https://doi.org/10.25935/WZ47-TM17

Data format:

The data are provided as datacubes, with 2 spatial dimensions (along and across the slit) and a spectral one. UVIS regularly slew the auroral regions to provide pseudo-images of Saturn’s aurorae.

The first derived data level (level 2) correspond to fits files of datacubes retrieved from the PDS archive, calibrated (in kR/A) and extracted as individual UVIS slewing. The quicklooks are displayed with a linear intensity scale.

An exhaustive internal report (Magalahes et al.) describing this processing pipeline will be accessible soon.