Cassini/UVIS observations

The APIS service now also queries an internal internal base of Cassini/UVIS FUV auroral observations of Saturn. A first set of >1500 UVIS observations taken in 2016-2017 was released on 2 June 2019.

The data are provided as datacubes, with 2 spatial dimensions (along and across the slit) and a spectral one. UVIS regularly slew the auroral regions to provide pseudo-images of Saturn’s aurora.

The first derived data level (level 2) correspond to fits files of datacubes retrieved from the PDS archive, calibrated (in kR/A) and extracted as individual UVIS slewing. The quicklooks are displayed with a linear intensity scale.

An exhaustive internal report (Magalahes et al.) describing this processing pipeline will be accessible soon.