Date use policy

Data use policy

The APIS service opened to the community in July 2013, at the occasion of the Magnetospheres of Outer Planets conference hold in Athens.

It provides a free access to various data levels through a search interface to users who have logged in. We kindly ask visitors to register, as this helps us to estimate the interest of APIS for the community, to address the variety of scientific purposes, and to justify past and future developments of the database, the search interface and related VO (virtual observatory) interactive tools.

The reader interested in the exhaustive description of the APIS service is referred to this paper (Arxiv pre-print). The reader interested in the description of Hisaki data is referred to this webpage.

If you have any questions, we strongly encourage you to contact us. Comments or suggestions of improvement are also warmly welcome.

Although APIS deliverables are freely accessible in the frame of open data and VO activities, there is a significant amount of work behind their generation and caveats associated to their use. Our preferred interaction would therefore to collaborate on studies which made use of this service. At least, we expect that you will inform us of any related internships, presentations and publications, and include minimal reference to the above publication and adequate acknowledgements whenener needed.

Ex (HST data) :
We thank the APIS service at LESIA/Paris Astronomical Data Centre (Observatoire de Paris, CNRS) for providing value-added data derived from UV observations of the ESA/NASA Hubble Space Telescope.

Ex (Hisaki data) :
We acknowledge the APIS service at LESIA/Paris Astronomical Data Centre (Observatoire de Paris, CNRS) for providing access to UV observations of the JAXA Hisaki satellite and thank Tomoki Kimura and his team for having processed them).