The APIS service relies on a database of spectro-imaging auroral observations of the outer planets and their moons acquired by the Hubble Space Telescope. Various data levels can be browsed with the Search Interface through conditional search criteria.



03 Feb 2017

Ephemeris provided through the header of processed data have been updated.

New Uranus data

10 Oct 2016

Addition of a Uranus campaign, Nov. 214 (STIS, 12 images). Correction of intensity scales of level 2 data plots.

Spring updates

04 Mar 2016

Addition of two observational campaigns :
- Callisto, Dec. 2001 (STIS, 21 spectra)
- Mars, Oct.-Nov. 2007 (ACS, 181 images)

Update of data processing :
- All Jupiter projections (level 3 data, plots/fits files) have been updated using a 300km peak auroral altitude (vs 600km before).
- all 2D spectra (level 2, plots only = fits files unchanged) now indicate the body N pole with a white arrow.
- 2D spectra of moons/Uranus (level 2, plots only) : intensities <125nm have been divided by 10 to facilitate cross comparisons of emission at Lya and longer wavelengths.

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