The APIS service relies on a database of spectro-imaging auroral observations of the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and their moons) acquired by the Hubble Space Telescope. Various data levels can be browsed with the Search Interface through conditional search criteria. Regular updates are listed below.



20 May 2015

Addition of four datasets :
- Europa, Nov.-Dec. 2012 (STIS, 19 spectra)
- Jupiter, Nov. 2012-Jan. 2014 (STIS, 19 images, 2 spectra)
- Jupiter, Jan. 2014 (STIS, 27 images, 14 spectra)
- Jupiter, Jan.-Mar. 2014 (STIS, 4 long exposure spectra)

Addition of Jupiter cylindrical/polar projections for the periods :
- Nov. 2012-Jan. 2014
- Aug.-Sep. 2009 (3 long exposure time-tagged images, each sequenced into 100s long sub-exposures)
- Jan. 2000-Dec. 2001 (Jupiter flyby by the Cassini spacecraft)

Completion of previous STIS datasets (Jupiter, Saturn<2003) : for each STIS observation made of several sub-exposures, all the sub-exposures and the sum of them are now available separately, similarly to ACS data.


21 Jan 2015

A paper fully describing the APIS service is now in press in a special issue of the Astronomy and Computing journal on Virtual Observatories. It is also accessible online.


24 Jul 2014

Major update of the search interface, with many new advanced search criteria, such as the position of moons and spacecraft (Galileo and Cassini) for the Jupiter and Saturn systems.

Addition of two recent campaigns :
- Saturn, Apr.-May 2013 (ACS, 345 images)
- Uranus, Sept.-Oct. 2012 (ACS/STIS, 23 images, 3 spectra)

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