The APIS service relies on a database of spectro-imaging auroral observations of the outer planets and their moons acquired by the Hubble Space Telescope. Various data levels can be browsed with the Search Interface through conditional search criteria.


Spring is coming

21 Mar 2017

New observational campaign :
- Europa, Feb. 2014-Apr. 2015 (STIS, 59 spectra)

Update of plots of Saturn’s polar projections :
- For the 2016 and 2017 observations associated with the Cassini ’Grand Finale’, polar projections will draw the footprint of the Cassini trajectory (red = HST exposure, gray = +/-2h wrt HST exposure).

Interoperability with CDPP

03 Mar 2017

APIS is interoperable with and queried on-the-fly by several tools developed at CDPP (French Data Center for Plasma Physics) : AMDA since 2013, the Propagation Tool and 3D view since 2016.


03 Feb 2017

Ephemeris provided through the header of processed data have been updated.

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