The APIS service relies on a database of spectro-imaging auroral observations of the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and their moons) acquired by the Hubble Space Telescope. Various data levels can be browsed with the Search Interface through conditional search criteria.


Labellisation INSU

15 Jan 2016

Late 2015, APIS has officially been recognized as a Service National d’Observation by the Department of Universe sciences at CNRS, in the category of data processing, archiving and diffusion centres (SO5).

Autumn release

20 Oct 2015

Major update of Jupiter projections :
- Data levels 2 and 3 have been calculated for all Jupiter observations obtained over 1997-2006 and 2009-2014 (namely all the available HST campaigns excepting 2007)
- Jupiter polar projections additionally display magnetic markers at the footprint of the 4 galilean satellites, as modelled with the ISAaC magnetic field model (Hess, personal communication).

Summer release

30 Jun 2015

Addition of two recent observational campaigns :
- Saturn, Feb.-Jun. 2014 (STIS, 45 images)
- Ganymede, Jan.-Feb. 2014 (STIS, 8 spectra)

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