The APIS service provides access to spectro-imaging auroral observations of solar system planets and moons acquired by various UV observatories.


Update of the search interface

14 Jan 2021

The advanced search interface now enables the user to select the HST/Jupiter data acquired since mid-2016 as a function of the position of the Juno spacecraft (distance, local time, jovicentric latitude and magnetic latitude).

Happy new year 2021 !

Novel Jupiter campaign in support to Juno

21 Apr 2020

Release of the latest public Jupiter HST campaign which spanned 2019 acquired in support to Juno (Perijoves 18 to 22) :
- Jupiter, Feb.-Sep. 2019 (STIS, 50 images, 2 spectra) ;
- the time-tagged long exposure STIS images have been sequenced in 100-s long exposures, yielding 1180 new images.
- all the images have been individually re-centered to complete all the APIS data levels. Projections have been plotted with a logarythmic intensity scale and usual magnetic markers of the footprint of the galilean satellites.

Release of all Cassini/UVIS observations of Saturn

09 Oct 2019

Following the early release published in June 2019, a complete dataset of Cassini/UVIS auroral observations of Saturn ranging from 2004 to 2017 is now available. The data, acquired in both the Far-UV or Extreme-UV channels, have been splitted in invidual planetary scans to facilitate their use, yielding 8000 invididual data cubes provided in fits format.

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