The APIS service provides access to UV spectro-imaging auroral observations of solar system planets and moons.


Update of the section ’resources’

27 Dec 2021

Addition of a novel composite image of HST/Far-UV auroral planetary observations of solar system bodies, built up as an illustration for concepts of future, large class, UV telescopes.

A doi for the APIS/HST data collection

17 Dec 2021

In the framework of the open data context, we started to attribute a Digital Objectif Identifier (DOI) to APIS data collections, so that they can be more easily identified and referenced. This process was initiated with the APIS/HST data collection :

The APIS team wishes you an excellent end of year.

Addition of HST observations of Uranus and Neptune

08 Dec 2021

Release of the data corresponding to the HST campaign executed late 2017 which targeted both ice giants :
- Uranus, Sep.-Nov. 2017 (STIS, 4 long-exposure images using the 25MAMA aperture) ;
- Neptune, Oct.-Nov. 2017 (STIS, 8 images using the 25MAMA and SrF2 filters).

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