The APIS service provides access to spectro-imaging auroral observations of solar system planets and moons acquired by various UV observatories.


Early release of Saturn’s observations coordinated with Cassini auroral proximal passes

10 Apr 2018

HST observed Saturn’s northern aurorae throughout 2017, across solstice (reached on 24 May). These observations were carefully coordinated with expected passes of the Cassini spacecraft within the source region of Saturn’s auroral kilometric radiation (found to be colocated at Earth with acceleration regions), i.e. along magnetic field lines mapping to atmospheric aurorae. There are released before the end of the HST proprietary period as an acknowledgement to the support of the Cassini project to this observational campaign :
- Saturn, Mar.-Sept. 2017 (STIS, 24 images, 1 spectrum)

Release of Hisaki/EXCEED data

09 Mar 2018

The APIS team is pleased to announce the accessibility through its search interface to an external database of Hisaki/EXCEED EUV spectro-imaging level 1 observations of solar system planets. The latter are acquired on a long-term basis since 2013 and are processed and distributed by a team of japanese colleagues led by Tomoki Kimura (Riken, Japan).

Test search of Hisaki data

11 Sep 2017

A collaboration between the APIS team and the Hisaki/EXCEED one led to develop the search interface so that it can query simultaneously both HST data from the APIS archive and Hisaki data from the JAXA archive. A test Hisaki database (made of 9 daily EXCEED observations ranging 1 to 9 Jan. 2014) is now browsable. The full Hisaki/EXCEED database should be accessible through APIS in the coming months.

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