The APIS service provides access to UV spectro-imaging auroral observations of solar system planets and moons.


Migration of the database tomorrow

29 Apr 2021

Due to regular stability issues encountered with the APIS various databases, these will be migrated on 30 April 2021. The search interface and data access may be shortly unaccessible during this process.

New HST data coordinated with Cassini’s final dive

22 Apr 2021

The long-exposure image acquired by HST/STIS at the expected time of the Cassini plunge into Saturn’s atmosphere on 15 Sept. has been added to the HST database.

Update of the search interface

14 Jan 2021

The advanced search interface now enables the user to select the HST/Jupiter data acquired since mid-2016 as a function of the position of the Juno spacecraft (distance, local time, jovicentric latitude and magnetic latitude).

Happy new year 2021 !

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