The APIS service provides access to UV spectro-imaging auroral observations of solar system planets and moons.


Early release of Cassini/UVIS Grand Finale data

02 Jun 2019

Cassini/UVIS FUV calibrated auroral observations ranging the latest phase of the Cassini mission, have just been released. They include quicklooks, standard fits files and the search interface enables to directly open the datacubes with Aladin (through SAMP) :
- Saturn 2016 : 676 datacubes
- Saturn 2017 : 894 datacubes

Update of Hisaki/EXCEED observations

02 Jun 2019

Thanks to the continuous collaboration with the team at Tohoku University, the external Hisaki database has been updated up to 25 may 2019 and now includes >1700 observations of the solar system planets.

Test search of Cassini/UVIS data

21 May 2019

In the frame of a research project funded by the Plas@par laboratory of excellence driven by Sorbonne Universit├ęs, Fabiola Magalhaes started late 2018 to develop a database of Cassini/UVIS processed auroral observations of Saturn at Observatoire de Paris with the help of the Cassini/UVIS team (courtesy to Wayne Pryor and Emilie Royer). A test database of UVIS Far-UV observations (corresponding to level 2 calibrated data, including quicklooks and standard fits files of datacubes) acquired on 14 Feb. 2016 is now browsable.

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